Estate Planning; Wills and Trusts

We help individuals plan for the future by preparing their estate and succession plans. Because we are also experienced with tax and business laws, we are able to ensure that individuals who own equity in a business have an appropriate succession plan that includes the transfer of the equity interest in the business. Planning for the future is an ongoing process, but it is something that should be done deliberately. Do not leave the future of your loved ones to chance. We can help with all aspects of estate planning, including the following:

  • Prepare wills and revocable, irrevocable, and testamentary trust agreements.
  • Prepare comprehensive estate plans, including ancillary aspects such as 401Ks, life insurance, and business interests.
  • Coordinate the estate plan with that of the business succession plan to ensure the business can continue to operate as part of the succession.
  • Update old wills and trusts to include new information or changes to life circumstances.
  • Create powers of attorney and health care directives.
  • Advise on estate tax, gift tax, and generation-skipping tax issues.
  • Advise and plan with dealing with or avoiding probate.


For estate plans, we prefer conducting work on a flat fee. We want our clients to feel like they can reach out to us with any question without feeling like they will be charged for every second of our time. We also don't want our clients scared of taking our calls. Our goal is to educate our clients as much as possible so they can feel confident about their estate plan. We quote a flat rate and then stick to it.

Each client has a unique set of circumstances, which can affect how much the work will ultimately cost. In our experience, basic plans for a family involve a similar amount of work and rates are based on the following guidelines:

  • Married couple with simple joint trust - $2,500+
    • Includes a revocable trust, pour over wills, powers of attorney, advance health care directives, certification of trust, deed recording for real property, and instructional outline with FAQs about how the plan works
  • Single person with simple trust - $1,800+
    • Includes a revocable trust, pour over will, power of attorney, advance health care directive, certification of trust, deed recording for real property, and instructional outline with FAQs about how the plan works
  • Married couple with business interests or multiple properties - $3,100+
  • Single person with business interests or multiple properties - $2,400+

Regardless of whether your circumstances are outlined above or will look completely different, we offer free consultations so that you can see what work needs to be done and how much it will cost before you commit to having us do the work. We are confident that you will see the value in working with us.

Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and the University of Wyoming, and with advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University and Boston University, Ephraim and Will are among the most qualified tax and estate specialists in Utah.

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