Tax Planning

We help small businesses with all aspects of their taxes and tax planning. Through tax planning we are often able to reduce or postpone taxes that would be otherwise due. We are able to help clients who are making changes to their business structure, bringing on a new partner, purchasing a business, or simply wanting to ensure their business is as tax efficient as possible. Sometimes changes to business structures are done to minimize tax or to better align the business with the equity owners' business objectives. Whatever the reason for the reorganization, we can walk you through the full process, from an initial idea to analysis and planning, to implementing the plan. We prepare all the related corporate documents in-house for the transaction. If the reorganization involves bringing on new shareholders or partners, we can prepare the documents that reflect this new business arrangement. Our tax planning includes partnership tax planning and international tax planning. We help with the following:

  • Plan and structure a reorganization to minimize tax liability or take advantage of tax opportunities
  • Work through each step of the reorganization from idea phase through completing the transaction and filing all necessary corporate documents
  • Review current operating structures to determine the most tax efficient way of operating the business, including proposing potential changes
  • Add or remove partners or LLC members, including the calculation of the partner's/member's share of the income or loss, and the tax consequences of the proposed addition or removal
  • Advice on international tax issues for cross-border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, technology transfers, and domestic and foreign joint ventures
  • Counsel on the domestication of foreign companies
  • Work to ensure that acquisitions, dispositions, and expansions are achieved in the most tax-efficient manner

Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and the University of Wyoming, and with advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University and Boston University, Ephraim and Will are among the most qualified tax and estate specialists in Utah.

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